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Meet the Team

Anglo Stainless Let’s Meet … Mark Brooke – Managing Director

Mr Anglo Stainless himself, Mark has been with the business for just over 31 years and lists anything and everything as his job roles. He believes the reason why working at Anglo Stainless is so fun is because every day is different, with each new day bring something new to sort out.

Outside of work, Mark is very much a family man with grown up children and a granddaughter that he loves spending time with. He also loves his sport, a keen fan of both rugby and football, so you will often find him watching a game or two at the weekend.

If Mark didn’t work for Anglo Stainless, he would love to have been a travel writer. We are not sure if that’s for all the writing or the amazing travelling you would get to do across the world?

His favourite quote in life comes from the film ‘When Harry met Sally’ “You look like a normal person but really you are the angel of death.”

If you would like to get to know more about Mark, you can check him out on LinkedIn at

Anglo Stainless Let’s Meet …. Steve Brooke –  Operations Director

Steve has been with Anglo Stainless for 18 years and is involved with many different areas within the business. He lists purchasing, sales, hr, compliance & legal, finance and IT as his main responsibilities however he will often get involved in other areas too if it is for the benefit of the business.

According to Steve, working at Anglo Stainless is never dull! It is non-stop from start to finish and the satisfaction when the customer gives great feedback makes it all worthwhile. His favourite quote is very apt for our business in that we strive to be different, commenting that: “stupid is as stupid does!” Given our belief that business works on relationships and meeting the demands of our clients, we hope that we never fall into this trap.

If he didn’t work for Anglo Stainless, Steve would love to be a chef, however you won’t find him in the kitchen all the time at home as he spend much of his valuable spare time with his family, watching rugby or on a good night out with his friends. Steve is also one to face up to his fears having undertaken parachute and bungy jumps despite being terrified of heights.

You can find out more about Steve by connecting with him on LinkedIn at

Anglo Stainless Let’s Meet …. Daniel Hullah – Salesman

Daniel has been with the business just over 2 years and believes that the relationships and banter he has with his clients, as well and his work colleague make Anglo Stainless a great place to work.

Daniel lists many different job roles and responsibilities that he undertakes on a daily basis, including Quoting, sales orders, purchase orders, test certs. However he cites that making sure the water is filled up and answering the phone as two that he is particularly fond of.

Outside of work, he like to spend time with his partner Jessica or catch up on some well-earned rest. As a massive football fan, it might come as no surprise that he would love to be a football commentator as his dream job. “They get to sit there, and watch matches for a living” he said.

Daniel is often found laughing, even if it wasn’t that funny as he reckons even the littlest of things will make him giggle.

You will also find that Daniel lives in the moment and is very much a go-getter, perfect for sales. His favourite quote is ‘The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.’  By Louis E. Boone sums this up completely.

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