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Sectors We Serve

At Anglo Stainless, our stainless steel fittings are used in various industries.

Steel for transport industries

We understand the transport industry is fast-paced and requires a stainless steel provider that can work to supply exactly what you need in a timely manner; allowing the efficient production, maintenance, and repair of transport.

Steel for the oil, gas & petrochemical industries

Environments within the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries can often be extreme in terms of temperature and overall environments meaning a durable steel solution is needed. That’s why the team at Anglo are specialists in providing steel that can withstand corrosive environments without compromising on the high quality you’d expect from us.

Steel for the food & beverage industry

At Anglo Stainless, we recognise the need for a hygienic, efficient environment in the food & beverage sector. That’s why we are proud to provide exceptional quality steel that you can trust to be of the highest standards, meaning you can worry less about contaminants or any other issues from your steel.

Steel in the construction industry

A robust steel solution is needed throughout the construction industry which is exactly what the team at Anglo Stainless can provide. Not only that, but when tight deadlines loom, it’s critical to ensure standards don’t slip and efficiency is kept high. That’s why we offer high-quality steel and speedy delivery you can rely on.

Steel for machinery

When building machinery, it goes without saying that every single part is essential. From start to finish, whether it’s standard, non-standard or manufactured specials, we supply critical components that help you build a high-quality machine.

Steel for power generation plants

In the power generation industry, any steel needs to withstand high pressures, extreme temperatures, and other harsh elements. At Anglo Stainless, all steel we provide is hard-wearing, durable, and of the highest quality; what’s more, we’ll deliver it in a timely manner every time.

Welding stainless steel

Low-carbon steel is essential for successful welding. At Anglo Stainless, we are a major stockholder of stainless steel pipe fittings and flanges suitable for a range of industries. We also offer same or next-day dispatch on a huge selection of steels.

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