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Uses of Pipe Flanges in Petrochemical Industries

A flange connects valves, tubing, pumps and other machinery to create a piping structure. Stainless steel pipe flanges are used in various industries and applications but the flange material and design is an important consideration in petrochemical industries because pipelines need to carry chemicals and other corrosive compounds. This is why different industries have different standards and procedures to ensure they get the correct flange type from manufacturers.

Which flange types are used in petrochemicals?

Anglo Stainless supply the following forms of stainless steel flanges commonly used the petrochemical industry.      

Weld-neck flanges

These flanges are a popular form, and can be used with a tapered center in high-pressure environments.

Slip-on flanges

Another choice for chemical engineers as a cost-effective option. A slip-on flange means a flange slipping over the pipe and welded to improve the pressure and prevent leakage.

Threaded flanges

The threaded flange can be used in special circumstance to attach the flange to the tubing without being welded. These are usually placed on deep-wall thickness tubes, used to create the inner string.

Blind flanges

Blind flanges are a suitable choice for high pressure applications. Most flanges are made without a screw and used in pressure applications to blank off pipe ends, doors and openings.

All flanges and pipe fittings used in petrochemicals as well as gas, oil and utility industries need to conform to the required standards, be accurate and made of high quality steel.

Anglo Stainless stocks a comprehensive range of pipe flanges and other stainless steel fittings such as butt weld fitting and hygienic fittings available for immediate dispatch. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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