Anglo Stainless Limited holds a wide range of flanges in stock for immediate despatch. Our range includes BSEN1092-1 (formerly BS4504) flanges, including PN6/PN10/PN16/PN25/PN40 ratings in slip on, blind, weldneck and threaded form. PN16 rated flanges are stocked to suit hygienic O/D pipe & fittings. Our range covers BS10 flanges in TABLE ‘D’, TABLE ‘E’ and TABLE ‘F’ in slip-on, blind and threaded form. Again, TABLE ‘E’ flanges are stocked to suit Hygienic O/D pipe & fittings. ANSI B16.5 flanges at rating 150LB and 300LB are held in slip-on, blind, threaded and weldneck forms. Anglo Stainless has also developed a range of flanges to suit Hygienic and Metric pipe & fittings. These are kept to match the drilling of both EN1092-1 PN16 & ANSI B16.5 150LB flanges but are flat faced with a reduced thickness. These have been developed to enable a more cost effective solution to be used when a full specification flange is not required. Please call for any requirements you may have.