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What is a Barrel Nipple?

A Barrel Nipple is a fitting that is produced to allow different fittings to connect. Most of the time, the ends of the barrel nipple will be both male connections.

What material does a barrel nipple come in?

Barrel Nipples can come in various materials; our products come in 316/L. This means they are built entirely from stainless steel.

The L indicates that the steel contains a low carbon content. The benefit of this would be that it reduces the likelihood of rusting and enables the barrel nipples threads to have a sharper edge to stay secure for longer; the product becomes more durable.

What size does a barrel nipple come in?

We stock barrel nipples in sizes ranging from.

  • 1/8 of an inch to 4 inches in diameter
  • 51mm to 115mm in length.

What products are suitable for a barrel nipple to be fitted to?

We supply our barrel nipples to be compatible with high-pressure BSP fittings, high-pressure NPT fittings and 3000 LB socket weld fittings.

What kind of pressure and temperature can a barrel nipple withstand?

We stock barrel nipples with the intention of durability being a priority. Our products can stand a temperature of -252 C to 204 C. And in terms of pressure, they can stand up to 1000 bar of pressure.

At Anglo Stainless, we specialise in the stock and distribution of high-quality, bespoke products. We have set sizes available on-site for same-day dispatch, or if you can’t find what you are looking why not contact one of our experts to discuss having bespoke products produced.

To view our full range of Barrel Nipples, or to have a browse at the wide range of products we produce, check out our site today!

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