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What is a Blind Flange used for?

Anglo Stainless has a wide variety of pipe flanges for a comprehensive assortment of applications. Here is an explanation on Blind Flanges, their use and how they are different from other flange products.

What is a Blind Flange?

A Blind Flange is a type of flange that has no hole or bore at its centre. They used as a termination point for a piping system.

There are also Spectacle Blind Flanges which are used for systems that require regular separation throughout. They are made up of two discs – one is a ring, and the other is a solid plate.

What is a flange used for?

There are many flange types that are all used for a wide variety of tasks, however they all share a generalised purpose.

A flange is a ridge or rim that is used to increase strength for easier transfer of contact force with another object at the end of the pipe. Additionally, it can be used for stabilizing and guiding the movements of a machine.

What other flange types are there?

Threaded Flanges – used to fix pipes with threading and can be identified by threads under their bore.

Socket-Weld Flanges – used for low-pressure and temperature applications.

Lap-Joint Flanges – used for applications that require frequent dismantling and are made from a stub-end and a loose backing flange.

Slip-on Flanges – used for low-pressure and low-temperature applications.

Tongue & Groove Flanges – made up of two flanges. The first has a ring machined onto it, and the second a depression for the ring.

Long Weld Neck Flanges – used within processing plants.

Raised Face Flanges – mostly used in processing plant applications.

Flat-Face Flanges – used alongside casting to make mating flange or flanged fitting.

Ring Type Joint Flanges – used for high-pressure and high-temperature services.

Orifice Flanges – used to measure the flow rate of liquids or gases in the pipeline.

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