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What is a BSP Fitting?

With different standards used in different countries and areas as well industry preferences, it’s easy to get lost when trying to figure out the differences between pipe threads and which sealing type you need. The team at Anglo Stainless have over 40 years’ experience supplying stainless steel pipe fittings, so we’re sharing our expertise with a guide to BSP fittings.

BSP stands for British Standard Pipe and is the most popular across parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa.

BSP Thread Types

There are two different types of BSP pipe fittings which can be distinguished from each other- these are known as BSPP and BSPT.

What is BSPP?

BSPP stands for British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread. It gets its name from the straight, parallel shape that is the same width all the way along.

What is BSPT?

BSTP stands for British Standard Pipe Thread. This is a tapered thread shape, meaning it becomes more narrower in diameter at one end.

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